California is such a diverse place. The people, the geography, the climate all conspire to keep it interesting. This year started out with a grim outlook due to the lack of rain for much of the state, but as winter pushed its way towards spring, the rains came and spring alit.

The hills came alive in greens and yellows and urban and suburban gardens were bursting with color. I travel frequently, and am lucky to be able to experience great places, but this time it was not so much the place I experienced, but more a place in time. Springtime, to be exact. It's actually hard to put it into words but everything just seemed more alive for a very palpable, but brief period of time. Two weeks later it was gone as summer clearly took hold. The California palate had faded. The memories of those vibrant colors, however have not. The coral tulip popping out of a bed of lime green ceanothus against a cobalt sky has been etched in my memory and bits of this recent encounter with California spring, has already been working its way into the a current project. "How did you come up with the color for that wall?," I will get asked. "A California sunset," I will reply. I'll probably get a look, but hey, I was there, it was really that color, and it moved me.