the vision

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Our vision is based on the principle that Architecture, Interiors and Gardens are intrinsically connected. Form, function and aesthetics as one. This is what Dwellingpoint Design is all about.

Imagine a house in a rural setting. A stone wall delineates the property entry followed by a long driveway of decomposed granite that gives a satisfying sound under the weight of the car. Flanking the drive are dense plantings of English lavender subtly scenting the air. Massive oak and sycamore trees obscure the view of the dwelling, but then give way to reveal a spectacular modern farmhouse.

Rusted steel, corrugated panels, board formed concrete all contrast and coordinate with a bold palate and pleasing silhouette of the home and the garden that surround it. You are only 400 feet off the road, but are in a whole different world. Sight, sound and scent, welcome to the experience of great design.

Our vision is simple: Beautiful, stimulating and practical spaces. Everywhere.

the approach

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Every property is unique with a unique set of requirements.

We first approach the design from the perspective of the property and the elements that are specific to it. We find that the final outcome is far more successful when you embrace rather than fight the limitations that are present on any project.

We ask questions of the clients; the easy ones like how many bedrooms or do you want a pool? We try to learn the way they will live, work and function in the space as this information is crucial for a design that works. But of course good design goes beyond just function...

For the client whose passion is for baking, a wood-fired bread oven and pull-out flour bins. For the client who needs a quiet private space to write, a garden cottage with an observation deck above a water tower.

All of this is taken into account as we search for the best solution to the multi-faceted task of creating great spaces. Our approach is thoughtful, comprehensive and inclusive. Every detail is important.

the process

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We start with a meeting, informal and relaxed- it's more about hearing what you want than selling who we are. During this meeting we cover the basics. Lots of questions are asked and it gives us an opportunity to get a first hand impression of the space.

The next step involves us spending time researching and conceptualizing. At the end of this phase we will meet again, this time to show concept drawings, research materials and discuss budgets.

As the process progresses we fine tune the space planning, revise and expand the Architectural drawings, discuss in greater detail the use of certain products, materials and finishes.

The final portion of the process is where we produce a final set of plans and will ready them for building, installation or submission. In addition we will specify the final products, materials and finishes to be used in the project.

To see an example of how we work,
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the team

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Niko Preovolos is a Northern California native who grew up in Marin County where he took his first Architecture courses in high school. His college years were spent in Southern California attending UCLA followed by a successful career as an Art Director in the film industry here he spent 15 years designing sets for movies and television.

Dwellingpoint Design was formed 1998 in Sonoma County as a boutique architectural design firm specializing primarily in residential design. Niko resides in Sebastopol California and is a frequent explorer of this great big world where he is constantly inspired by the beauty that surrounds him.

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Sarah Schmidt moved to Maui from New York to reboot from a hectic, stressful career on Wall Street and to focus on and expand her career in design.

Sarah's intuitive sense of design allows her to create beautiful spaces that interplay with and compliment the architecture, whether traditional or modern. Sarah's passion for great design is evident in all that she does and she creates beautiful, unique and inviting interior and exterior living spaces curated to the specific needs of each client.